Game One Tonight!

Congratulations on making it to the finals!

I don’t mean in the game, I just mean that this playoff run has been heart stopping! Double Overtime on game 7? Are you kidding me?

The standings

Here are the points that everyone has going into game 1.  Remember that you select the winner of only game 1 for this round. Then add the number of points you wish to bet.  At the end of the game tonight, those points are either added or subtracted from your point total.  Then that number is the amount you bet for game 2.  So remember, This is only for game 1.

Bob Moattari47
Stan Dever43
John Jorns39
Sonia Plank45
Sean Settle35
Brett Banner42
Liz Wilke38
Ben Oguntona33
Alan Anderson32
Iraj Douraghi39
Alfred Bonzu30
Mikey Frenchtoast41
Anthony Mosbach40
Jordan Segal39
Joann Joniak26
Vivian Welsch26
Jacob Plautz25
Brent Kelley25
Amber Gomez24
Gerry Douglas27
Roman Zsiros23
Dan Fulton28
Mario Yancy20
Scott Brown18
Harry Mason16
Lee Parks15
Aaron Grenlund14
Alok Govil9

Make bet here

Here is the form for you to bet.  All entries must be sent by the puck drop otherwise you are betting zero.

Nashville Predators vs Pittsburgh Penguins*
Points bet on Game One *


Update! Here are the picks

Player                           Bank    Bet    Team
Bob Moattari               47        0
Sonia Plank                 45       15    Nashville
Stan Dever                  43        0
Brett Banner              42       10    Pittsburgh
Mikey Frenchtoast   41        10    Pittsburgh
Anthony Mosbach    40       30    Nashville
Iraj Douraghi            39         0
John Jorns                39        30    Nashville
Jordan Segal             39        19    Nashville
Liz Wilke                    38       18    Pittsburgh
Sean Settle                 35       20    Pittsburgh
Ben Oguntona          33       30    Pittsburgh
Alan Anderson         32       32    Nashville
Alfred Bonzu            30       10    Nashville
Dan Fulton               28       20    Pittsburgh
Gerry Douglas          27       27    Pittsburgh
Joann Joniak           26       10    Nashville
Vivian Welsch         26         0
Brent Kelley            25         0
Jacob Plautz            25         0
Amber Gomez         24     24    Nashville
Roman Zsiros          23    23    Nashville
Mario Yancy            20    20    Pittsburgh
Scott Brown            18        0
Harry Mason           16       0
Lee Parks                  15        0
Aaron Grenlund      14       0
Alok Govil                 9        0