Aaron Lewis – From Staind to Sinner


What’s In A Label?

Aaron Lewis is one of those artists who gets the concept of Power Chord Radio. Growing up on the east coast, Aaron around all kinds of music. His grandfather got him hooked on traditional country, he performed (and still does) acoustic sets since he was 17 (okay we’re not so good with that) and rose to fame as a member of the Alternative Metal band, Staind. “It’s been quite the pleasant eclectic mix of tattoos and black eyeliner, and Stetsons, cowboy boots and big shiny buckles,” he likes to say.

That Ain’t Country

Staind produced seven studio albums over the years but it was touring with Kid Rock that brought him back to the music of his grandfather. “On many occasions I ended up riding on his bus”,”he had old Hank blaring and it was a trip down memory lane”. “Since that moment when he re-introduced me, I haven’t been able to get away from it”.

The lyrics of That Ain’t Country sums up his opinion of mainstream country music. “That ain’t country/That’s a natural fact/It’s full of tails of good times and happy endings/My life ain’t like that/So I’ll keep listening to the old songs that my Grandad used to play/Full of pain and heartache and desperation and the ones that got away/The ones that speak to me, the way I feel today”

–Aaron Lewis

Why we love him

As if playing multiple genres wasn’t good enough to earn our respect, or the fact that he wants to get music to be new yet stick to its roots, there’s also the Aaron Lewis opinion of the current radio format.

“The rock format, as an example, has almost dwindled away to nothing, and it’s now this “Jack FM” kind of a format, where instead of allowing new rock bands the space and the ability to get on the radio and get played and get heard, all of the time is being taken up by songs that were, 15, 20 years ago, that were a No. 1 hit back then. It’s not leaving any room for new bands to break out in it, because all the time is taken up by those tried-and-true No. 1 songs from yesterday and today. It’s hard to compete in a genre that’s designed that way.” \

Just to remind everyone, we have a rule at Power Chord Radio not to play any song over three years old and label’s be damned.

The Videos

Staind – It’s Been Awhile

Staind – The Way I Am

Staind – For You

Country Boy

Grandaddy’s Gun

Endless Summer

Aaron Lewis From Staind to Sinner

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