So why are we here?

Since you bothered to search the entire internet looking for ska music you are on the same quest as I am. All of us here are huge ska fans but especially love third wave ska or ska punk. I prefer calling it skunk but that never caught on. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish. I’ve been content to listening to my worn out CD’s for years. Until I moved to Dallas.

Happy and secure as a life long Chicagoan, The wife and I decided it was time to blow up our lives and take a chance. We had a list of criteria that we wanted in our new home town. The wife wanted heat and I wanted a hockey team in the same division as the Blackhawks. We moved to Dallas without visiting the place once. One night The English Beat came to play. A bucket list band even if it was really only Dave Wakeling.

The opening act was a local band call Rude King. I’ll confess that I may favor them a bit in this site but they are incredible. A SKA BAND in DALLAS! Plus they sound and look great. I started to look around who else was around. It turns out that Dallas has a really good scene. I started looking for other new bands and found out ska is alive and kicking. But man I had to search.

So finally here is the vision. One place for fans and bands to discover each other. Discover the scene around you and build it up so bands know where they want to tour. I’ll set the vibe with the shoutcast station A bit of the old stuff, a bit of the old bands playing new stuff, a bit of the new bands playing new stuff, maybe even a bit of new bands playing old stuff (I’m looking at you Holophonics)

This is a fanzine, It is yours. As Save Ferris sang S.Y.L.S.B.

Dan Fulton