For the bands

This is a fanzine of the scene. Ska will always be an underground movement but there is no reason that it should be hidden. We will respect your rights and promote your work. We will link your name to your site, your videos to where you post them, your music to the places people can legitimately purchase them. What we want to be is focal point where your fans (or soon to be fans) can find you.

What we ask in return is content. Let us know what’s going on with you and we will send it to our listeners. Let us play your music. Tell us about a great band that opened up for you so we can tell others. If you believe that we have a good product, talk to other bands so they can put their faith in us as well. Promo drops for the radio station will be helpful to break up the constant stream of music. Of course promo items and especially high quality videos for our office video jukebox are highly encouraged. We won’t sell them, they’re for our personal enjoyment. We are a FANzine after all.

This is an open dialog. We really only want to promote (although not losing our shirts to keep this playing is in the back of our minds). We want to see new tours. Encourage new music. A raising tide raises all boats type of things. If you want your product off the site and station, just let me know. No hard feelings.

Dan Fulton