Down on your knees for the Hillbilly Moon Explosion

Sometimes you just bow to better writers

We here at Power Chord always try to introduce these bands with personal anecdotes, little tidbits of trivia, and something beyond wikipedia. However when the Bio from their Facebook Page is this good, we’re just running with it.

The Hillbilly Moon Explosion are a half-English 4-piece. Hidden away in the unlikely habitat of Switzerland, they’ve honed their craft without distraction for many years. Searching for the right sound they’ve previously recorded in San Diego, Camden and Tooting, but for this album they went back to the local studio where they made their early rockabilly albums, allowing more time to get it spot on.

The line-up is chanteuse Emanuela Hutter, Oliver Baroni on vocals and stand-up bass, Duncan James on guitar and Sylvain Petite on drums; With Monsters and Gods is also embellished by Oliver’s latent piano skills. The esteemed Pete Thomas provided saxophone, he also played live with the band alongside Martin Winning on horns and Geraint Watkins on keyboards on their recent European tour.

With Monsters and Gods was produced by Oliver Baroni as the band wanted “to reflect the somewhat harder edge you get from the months on the road.” and the result “is a louder, more rock’n’roll album.” The album concerns itself with “making friends with your demons”. The title track deals with this and ‘deep love’, while the rest of the album warns what can happen if “you’re afraid of your demons and ignore them which might lead you to Depression and Desperation and constantly being Down on your Knees.”

Opening with psychedelia meets 50s sci-fi of In Space, the following 13 songs are an aural treat firmly rooted in established musical styles (rockabilly, r’n’b etc.). However, with Emanuela’s vocals you get “this weird distinctly non-American approach to singing” creating a unique sound.

The only band to have played the Rebellion Punk Festival and the Camden Jazz Cafe in the same week, the Hillbilly Moon Explosion are much revered the world over and have toured Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Poland, Tunisia amongst others.

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Hillbilly Moon Explosion

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