JP McPherson – How Mixtapes in Tulsa led to revival

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JD McPherson was born and raised on the family cattle farm in Southeastern Oklahoma. “An hour away from the closest supermarket” as he says. “but when you’re bored, you tend to work really hard at your interests”. That interest was, of course, “Making videos, drawing and playing guitar”. In college he received an “open media” degree which allowed him to become the chair of the art department in a middle school in Tulsa Oklahoma.  He started an avant-garde art program and a mixtape club.  This led to JD getting fired. “Maybe you shouldn’t give 15 year old kids Bad Brains”.

However that firing led to unemployment which allowed him to take care of his family and start his music career. A back to basics, raw sounding style that can best be described as exploring “that brief moment before rock and roll lost steam”

Why Labels Hurt

Is JD McPherson rockabilly? If you think bolo ties and upright bass, the answer is no. If imagine Sun records at 2am in 1955 capturing every sound that reverberates off those hallowed walls, then absolutely! For three albums now (yeah, CD doesn’t sound right) McPherson has explored every back road across rural America. Whether it’s the horns and soul of North Side Gal and It’s All Over But The Shouting. The echoes of Jackie Wilson on Let The Good Times Roll or the early 60’s Shimmy Dance vibe of Head Over Heels, JD McPherson can show up anywhere on Power Chord Radio. The only problem is the McPherson isn’t showing up anywhere near Power Chord. Hey JD! Can we get you to start hitting Dallas anytime soon or is it too close to Tulsa?

The Videos

North Side Gal

It’s All Over But The Shouting

Let The Good Times Roll

Head Over Heels

Style (is a losing game)


JD McPherson - Undivided Heart And Soul

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