Levi Dexter the Rockabilly Legend Stays Strong

Neo-Rockabilly before there was Neo-Rockabilly

If ever there was a template for what Rockabilly is, Levi Dexter has to be that template. Growing up in Chelsea and hanging around Malcolm McLaren’s shop Let It Rock (Pre Sex Pistols) he fell in with Britain’s Teddy Boy culture of the mid 70’s.  As Levi explained as Punk rock started to mock the Teddy Boy’s idols and lifestyle, the violence escalated but it was never as bad as the exaggerated newspaper headlines made it out to be.  It was during this time he met photographer Leee Black Childers who convinced him to start Levi and the Rockats. The concept of a rockabilly band was so novel that Merv Griffith had to prepare the audience on their first national TV appearance.

Unfortunately, the Rockats had trouble being signed to a record label and most of the band wanted to leave Leee and their manager.  Levi stayed loyal and Levi and the Rockats were no more.  He continued staying true to his rockabilly roots. His latest cd Roots Man is self produced and released on his own Dextone records. He relishes in having complete control over his work.

Levi is a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. He has also just moved back to England from his home in Oregon with his wife of 18 years, fashion designer and pin-up model Bernie Dexter.  She is the inspiration and dancer in the video featured above.

He is currently being nominated for the top Rockabilly Male at the Ameripolitan Music Awards.  Voting takes place here. We play several of the artist here at Power Chord Radio so feel free to use us as a source to help guide your decisions.

Levi Dexter Discography (partial it’s hard to keep track)

Levi & The Rockats at the Louisiana Hayride


Levi Dexter and Magic

Rockabilly Idol (compilation)

Levi Dexter and Steve Hooker – Rockabilly Dolls

Levi Dexter and the Gretsch Brothers – All Thru The Nite

Levi Dexter – Roots Man

Plus the latest single Oakie Boogie (listen) backed with Nick Lowe’s classic Seven Nights To Rock (club bootleg live youtube video. It’s awesome!)

Levi Dexter

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