Stanley Cup Playoff Pool

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I’m parking this game while I build the site.  I’ll be posting the rules and concept here later. For now here’s the basics.

This game is for those hockey fans who want to follow the playoffs but not get bogged down in players and stats.

Just pick the teams that you will think will win their 7 game playoff series. For the first three series, it’s a confidence game. Pick the winners and collect points on who wins.  Points are based on how confident you are in the pick. Give your favorite pick a rating of 8 to win 8 points.  Then rank them down to 1 (the pick you have the least confidence in)

So in the video above I’m sure that Chicago will beat Minnesota so I will rank that as an 8. I think that the Capitals will beat Pittsburgh so I will rank that as 7, then Boston with 6, Ducks with 5, Ottawa with 4, Calgary 3, Detroit 2, St Louis 1. Then I just sit back and occasionally watch hockey. I don’t need to keep track of every game or every player.

As the series finishes, Boston did beat the Rangers so I get 6 points for that win but the Capitals lost so I get zero points.  When the first round is over I banked 8 points for Chicago, 6 for Boston, 5 for the Ducks, 2 for Detroit and 1 for St. Louis. I did not receive points because the Capitals, Montreal and Edmonton all lost. So that’s 20 points in the bank!

The second round starts fresh but with the same concept. Pick the teams you think will win and rank them. 8 points for the one you are sure about followed by 6, 4 and 2. Bank those points if the teams win.

Same for the finals.  In the example, I’m heading into the playoffs with 46 points.

Up until now we’ve been pretty relaxed about the game.  You really only have to make a pick every two weeks and do not need to watch the games.  But now the fun really begins.  Since we are all pumped about the Stanley Cup Finals, we now shift the game to something akin to poker. You take the points that you have in the bank and bet how ever much you want on game 1. I’m excited an pretty sure that Hawks will take game 1 so I bet 30 of my 46 points on the Blackhawks for game 1.  If they win, I get 30 points and have 76 points for the next game. If they lose, I lose 30 points and have 16 points for the next game.

They win so I have 76 points so I bet 26 points on Chicago for game 2. If they win, I now have 102 points. If they lose, I have 50 points. They lose somehow. I now have 50 points.

We keep playing as long as the Stanley Cup is playing and the winner is whoever has the most points.

It was a game we made up in Chicago and it always brought me a bit more excitement during the most wonderful time of the year.

If you don’t quite understand the entire concept, we have two months to get you eased into it. For now, just pick round 1 and we can talk during the playoffs.

Also, please give a listen to the station. I’m testing out the feel right now. This station is dedicated to new underground music regardless of genre, Punk, Blues, Garage, Ska, Country, anything that has a strong beat gets the pulse racing.  I would love your feedback.