Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 1 Picks

And so it begins! 29 players signed up and have already been shocked by some really great games from Nashville and Toronto. Here is the place where you can keep track of how everyone picked. Comeback here and I will update the points and the series goes on.

Thank you to everyone for entering the picks correctly. It really made it easier for me.  This is the same format for the next two rounds as well.  We are all building points to bank for the finals.

Do not worry if you made incorrect picks.  You will have the ability to pick all four series in the second round.

Have fun watching the games

PlayersChicago vs NashvilleAnaheim vs CalgaryMinnesota vs St. LouisSan Jose vs EdmontonMontreal vs New YorkWashington vs TorontoOttawa vs BostonPittsburg vs Columbus    
Aaron GrenlundChicago 8Anaheim 2Wild 5Sharks 6Rangers 4Caps 7Boston 3Pitt 1
Alan AndersonChicago 5Anaheim 8St Louis 3Sharks 4Rangers 6Caps 7Boston 1Pitt 2
Alfred BonzuChicago 8Calgary 3Wild 1Sharks 2Rangers 4Caps 7Ottawa 5Pitt 6
Alok GovilChicago 8Anaheim 3Wild 4Sharks 5Mont 2Caps 6Boston 7Columbus 1
Amber GomezNashville 1Calgary 6St Louis 4Sharks 3Mont 2Caps 8Ottawa 5Columbus 7
Anthony MosbachChicago 8Anaheim 3Wild 5Edm 4Rangers 1Caps 7Boston 2Pitt 6
Ben OguntonaNashville 1Anaheim 4St Louis 5Edm 2Rangers 6Caps 8Boston 3Pitt 7
Bob MoattariChicago 8Calgary 2St Louis 4Edm 5Mont 3Caps 7Ottawa 1Pitt 6
Brent KelleyChicago 6Calgary 2St Louis 3Edm 4Rangers 1Caps 7Boston 5Pitt 8
Brett BannerChicago 8Anaheim 5Wild 3Sharks 4Mont 1Caps 6Boston 2Pitt 7
Dan FultonChicago 7Anaheim 4St Louis 3Edm 5Mont 1Caps 8Boston 2Columbus 6
Gerry DouglasChicago 8Anaheim 4Wild 1Sharks 6Mont 2Caps 5Ottawa 3Pitt 7
Harry MasonChicago 8Anaheim 3Wild 1Sharks 5Mont 2Caps 7Ottawa 6Columbus 4
Iraj DouraghiChicago 3Calgary 5Wild 1Edm 7Mont 6Toronto 2Ottawa 4Pitt 8
Jacob PlautzChicago 8Anaheim 3St Louis 2Edm 4Mont 5Caps 7Ottawa 1Pitt 6
Joann JoniakChicago 8Calgary 1Wild 5Edm 4Rangers 3Caps 7Ottawa 2Pitt 6
John JornsChicago 7Calgary 6St Louis 2Sharks 3Rangers 5Caps 8Ottawa 4Columbus 1
Jordan SegalChicago 8Anaheim 3St Louis 2Sharks 4Rangers 1Caps 7Boston 5Pitt 6
Lee ParksNashville 3Anaheim 5Wild 4Edm 7Mont 6Toronto 2Boston 8Columbus 1
Liz WilkeChicago 7Anaheim 2Wild 1Edm 3Rangers 4Caps 6Ottawa 5Pitt 8
Mario YancyNashville 8Calgary 7St Louis 6Sharks 5Rangers 4Toronto 3Boston 2Columbus 1
Mikey FrenchtoastChicago 8Anaheim 4Wild 5Edm 6Mont 3Caps 7Boston 2Columbus 1
Roman ZsirosChicago 6Calgary 5St Louis 4Sharks 1Mont 2Caps 7Boston 3Pitt 8
Scott BrownChicago 8Calgary 1Wild 4Edm 3Rangers 2Caps 7Boston 5Pitt 627
Sean SettleChicago 7Anaheim 1St Louis 2Edm 5Rangers 3Caps 8Boston 4Pitt 6
Sonia PlankNashville 4Calgary 1St Louis 2Edm 3Mont 5Caps 8Boston 7Pitt 6
Stan DeverChicago 6Calgary 4Wild 3Sharks 2Rangers 1Caps 7Ottawa 5Pitt 8
Vivian WelschChicago 7Anaheim 5St Louis 1Sharks 4Mont 2Caps 8Boston 3Pitt 6