Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 2 Picks

Wow! What a roller coaster that first round was! Congratulations to the Ottawa Senators, New York Rangers, Washington Capitals, Pittsburgh Penguins, St. Louis Blues, Nashville Predators, Anaheim Ducks, and the Edmonton Oilers for advancing to the second round.

As always, the first round was an exciting, nail biting, pressure cooker filled with stunning upsets and Cinderella stories. ¬†As a personal note, a special shoutout to the Toronto Maple Leafs who I gave no hope to. They really fought hard and much like an 80’s teen movie, had me rooting for them at the beginning of Game 6.

Just in case you are feeling the sting of your picks, perhaps a bit disappointed your team didn’t advance, here’s a little pump up video of overtime goal in the first round. You know, the first round where teams are NOT so evenly matched.

Below are the points earned in the first round. These points are safe (for now). There are four new choices for the second round. You get to start fresh with a new favorite team (for the next two weeks). I encourage you to step back from the ledge if your team didn’t make it and keep playing but if the pain is just too much, I understand that as well. It is hockey. There are few things more important.


Ben Oguntona 33
Liz Wilke 28
Alan Anderson 26
Sean Settle 25
Bob Moattari 23
Brent Kelley 23
Jacob Plautz 23
Sonia Plank 23
Alfred Bonzu 22
Joann Joniak 22
Stan Dever 21
Anthony Mosbach 20
Dan Fulton 20
Vivian Welsch 20
Gerry Douglas 19
Iraj Douraghi 19
John Jorns 19
Jordan Segal 19
Roman Zsiros 19
Amber Gomez 18
Brett Banner 18
Mario Yancy 18
Scott Brown 18
Mikey Frenchtoast 17
Harry Mason 16
Lee Parks 15
Aaron Grenlund 14
Alok Govil 9

Ottawa Senators vs New York Rangers*
Senators/Rangers Confidence Points: (Points are doubled so 1 = 2, 4 = 8)*
St. Louis Blues vs Nashville Predators*
Blues/Predators Confidence Points: (Points are doubled so 1 = 2, 4 = 8)*
Washington Capitals vs Pittsburgh Penguins*
Capitals/Penguins Confidence Points: (Points are doubled so 1 = 2, 4 = 8)*
Anaheim Ducks vs Edmonton Oilers*
Ducks/Oilers Confidence Points: (Points are doubled so 1 = 2, 4 = 8)*

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